Our Creed


Every day of your life is created equal.

From the day you are born to the day you die, and every day in between: every day deserves to be lived to the fullest. Every day is valuable.

Every day of your life, you should be able to choose how you spend your time. Every day, you should be comfortable. Every day, you should feel safe and secure. Every day, joy and laughter should be within your reach.

Many people don’t believe this. They think there are some days – entire stretches of life – that are, quite simply, less. They shudder to think of the days when they will no longer live in their own home. The days when their body or their mind won’t cooperate. The days, weeks, years when they’ll be left to sit, alone. They don’t even want to think about it.

To them, we say, “Think again.”

We are here to prove that a full life is possible every day you have on this earth. We know, because we have dedicated our lives to helping seniors live more fully, no matter what stage of life they’re at. In community after community, one person and family at a time, one day at a time, we help thousands feel better than they thought possible.

This is what makes our own lives so rewarding. It’s what drives us to grow and be better every day.

It’s the older people we love who taught us the meaning of a full life. They’ve shown us that fullness does not come from what’s on your calendar, or how fast you can run, or the building you are in. The fullness of life comes from the warmth of human connection. It comes from being surrounded by people who come when you call, who listen and understand, who help you to be your best. People who spend time and share your stories. Who get where you’re coming from. Who become like family. Who care.

We will awaken our communities to the positive possibilities of life’s next chapters. We will erase the poor reputation that plagues staff in this sector. We will challenge the stigma in society that surrounds needing a little bit of help, or even needing a lot.

We will show the world that every day is worth looking forward to.

Every single day of your life. In every single community we serve.

Today is a new day. Live it fully.