Our Purpose, Vision, & Values

Our Purpose

Cultivating happiness in daily life.

At Sienna Senior Living, happiness doesn’t just happen. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s what we get back from it. We’re all here to help create happiness.

It’s happiness that’s found in the little things we do every day. Real happiness. Like contentment, satisfaction, pride.

The kind of happiness that can come from feeling safe. From achieving a goal. From making play. The kind of happiness that happens between friends. The kind of happiness that happens in living rooms and kitchens.

Happiness like that is our purpose. It’s the reason we’re here. We cultivate happiness in daily life.

And doing that everyday supports our vision to become Canada’s most trusted and most loved senior living provider.

Our Vision

To become Canada’s most trusted and most loved senior living provider.

Our Values

Act Positively

We inspire happiness and hope in the people around us.

  • Having a “can do” attitude; acting with creativity and fun
  • Looking for small and big opportunities to make a difference
  • Modelling positive behaviours and encouraging the same in others
  • Advocating for our sector, our residents and each other

Be Accountable

We do what we say we will  and work as a team to get things done. 

  • Taking initiative to have a meaningful impact
  • Following through on our commitments
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Learning and growing from our experiences
  • Coaching and developing each other

Create Community

We foster strong relationships and celebrate diversity.

  • Being honest and transparent
  • Creating an environment where everyone belongs
  • Welcoming diverse perspectives and working well together
  • Actively listening to create meaningful connections
  • Being a “good neighbour”

Demonstrate Caring

We are passionate about what we do, and engage with empathy and understanding.

  • Providing excellent quality of care / quality of life
  • Actively understanding the needs and interests of the residents, their families and team members
  • Being responsive to concerns with meaningful solutions
  • Taking time to engage meaningfully and deliberately
  • Being of service