Mental Health Resources

Now more than ever, it’s important to look after your mental health. These are extraordinary times, and it’s important to remember that and to give yourself a break.

If you’re feeling a lot of emotions at this time, you’re not alone. Some of the common pieces of advice include eating a well-balanced diet, getting exercise if it’s safe to do so, and taking scheduled mental breaks from the news surrounding the pandemic.

Below, we’ve compiled a few digital mental health resources you may find useful at this time.

Wellness Together Canada

  • A collection of free resources for Canadians looking for mental health and substance use support.

Government of Ontario

  • Free, confidential support for depression, anxiety, addiction, gambling, and other problems.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAM-H)

  • Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres. Where Mental Health is Health.

Health Link BC

  • Medically-approved information on over 5,000 health topics, symptoms, medical tests, medications, and tips for healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

  • A complete list of helpful resources for managing stress and coping mechanisms during COVID-19

We hope these resources help you and your loved ones, and that you all stay healthy and safe.