The COVID-19 vaccine remains the single best protection against the virus and variants. Many of our residents have received their 3rd doses and we are working diligently with our health partners to get access to vaccines onsite at our residences to enable easy access to booster doses for residents, team members and caregivers. It is strongly recommended for all eligible Canadians to receive your booster dose as soon as you can, and take whichever vaccine you are offered, to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community. 

image of Dr. Allison Mcgeer (photo credit-Sinai Health)

A Moment with Dr. McGeer

Premier Canadian Infectious Disease Consultant

Get answers to some of your frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines, provided in short video clips from our Premier Infection Prevention & Control Consultant, Dr. Allison McGeer.

Informational COVID-19 Vaccine Videos


Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended for general knowledge and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider to diagnose any health problems and to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your individual care.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myth Busters

There is a lot of information about the COVID-19 vaccines…some of it not based in facts. This document dispels some of the more common myths, providing the real facts. We are pleased to offer this information in multiple languages to support our diverse communities.

COVID-19 Vaccines – Additional Resources

We will continue to keep you informed by the experts and suggest you check the following sources for additional information about the COVID-19 Vaccines.