Family Peer Support Network

Peer Mentoring 101: How to be the guide families need

As the family member or friend of a person living in long-term care, you understand that the journey of moving into a long-term care community is filled with ups and downs. You may recall the support you received from existing family members or team members as you navigated this life-changing journey, and now you want to be there to help guide new families as they join your community.

Calling all Family Members

Would you like to offer support to families or loved ones of new residents in your community? We invite you to join the Sienna Family Peer Support Network as a mentor. As a peer mentor, we will support connecting you with new family members, being respectful of your time and how you prefer to connect. We have also partnered with Family Councils Ontario (FCO) to provide you with a one-hour virtual education session on how to be a peer mentor, outlining the skills of successful mentors and preparing you for the conversations that you may encounter as a mentor. This session is applicable for both Ontario and British Columbia.

We are excited to facilitate this volunteer opportunity and hope you will connect with us to find out how you can become part of the Family Peer Support Network. Please reach out to the Resident & Family Experience Coordinator at your loved one’s community to let them know.

Thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity.

Please note: when we talk about “Family”, we mean any person of importance in the life of someone living in our community, including legal/biological family, chosen or found family, and friends.