At Sienna, we have been working diligently to establish building operations that reduce our environmental footprint. We continuously look for ways to make our operations more sustainable and focus on updating our infrastructure through key initiatives that include increased water conservation and decreased energy consumption.

  • Increasing water conservation
    Retirement and long-term care communities typically have a high rate of water usage. Finding ways to conserve water is therefore an important sustainability initiative.

    Flow Management Devices (FMD), a water-saving technology, have been installed in a number of our properties on a case study basis and will be rolled out across additional communities in the coming years. Based on initial results, this technology can save up to 20% in water consumption in our communities.

  • Decreasing energy consumption
    We have started a lighting retrofit program, replacing older infrastructure with efficient LED lighting systems. We also continuously update older appliances, fixtures, and equipment with more energy-efficient alternatives and whenever possible, participate in ENERGY STAR programs.