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How to get Started

Understand your needs
Understand your needs

Step 1: Understand what you need

Think about whether you have any health needs that require special services or resources such as a mechanical lift, a special mattress, or a quiet and private room. Consider whether you prefer private or shared accommodations.


Step 2: Engage your local Community Care Access Centre or Health Authority

In Ontario, you can apply for long-term care through your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). Call them at 310-CCAC (2222) or visit the CCAC website

In British Columbia, you can apply for government-subsidized long-term/residential care through your local health authority, or pay for them privately. For more information on how these two differ, visit our accommodations page or our FAQ page.


Step 3: Find and tour long-term care communities

Learn more about what we offer. Please give us a call or request a tour through our website.

Resources to help you decide

Look here for information on everything from how to get started to frequently asked questions.