Accommodations in Ontario

In Ontario, you can choose between a private or shared room. Know that no matter which option you choose, you’ll benefit from around-the-clock nursing care and the attentive service of team members who will help you be your best.

All long-term care options in Ontario are government subsidized; there is a waiting list for a room and future residents need to meet government-specified eligibility criteria. For more information, or to start care, call your local LHIN.

Private Accommodation: 
Like having your own space? A private room is probably for you. Though slightly more expensive than shared rooms, private rooms are yours to personalize as you wish and are more spacious than shared ones. You’ll get to enjoy your own bathroom, and family members are welcome to stay as long as they like.

Shared Accommodation:
Enjoy having a roommate? A shared room might be for you. Also known as standard or basic accommodation, shared rooms are more affordable. We work to bring people of the same gender with lots in common together, so that you and your new friend can enjoy your time here.
Unsure of your choice? Check our FAQ page and rates pages for more information.