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We’re fortunate enough to dedicate our lives to serving wonderful people. Here are some of the things they’ve said about care in our communities:

They were wonderful with my Mom [at Muskoka Shores Care Community in Gravenhurst, ON]. The care was excellent! Didn’t matter what time of the day or night we came to visit, Mom was always being well treated. You couldn’t get better care anywhere. We were always treated with kindness and respect.
Ms. Olimer
My mom [lived] at Victoria Manor, in Victoria House, for 5 years… I just wanted to say how amazing the staff have been to my mom though out that time. In the last 3 weeks they’ve shown how much they cared about her and helped us as much as they could. I will never forget the kindness they gave us and the care they gave to my mom. So I want to thank Victoria Manor and Sienna for all you have done for all of us.
Ms. Lahaie
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the wonderful care that mom received during her almost one-year stay at Bradford Valley Care Community. All of the people that I interacted with during that time were always warm and caring… I [would like to] extend an extra-special thank you to all the team of Heritage House for their exceptional care to mom. I will be eternally grateful.
C. Cicci
My mom [lived] at Victoria Manor, in Victoria House, for 5 years… I just wanted to say how amazing the staff have been to my mom though out that time. In the last 3 weeks they’ve shown how much they cared about her and helped us as much as they could. I will never forget the kindness they gave us and the care they gave to my mom. So I want to thank Victoria Manor and Sienna for all you have done for all of us.
Ms. Lahaie
It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this letter appreciating the high quality of care and services received by my wife in [Hawthorn Woods Care Community]. [She] spent close to two months in your facility and is all praise for the overall standard of medical, nursing, and day to day care in your institution… Expressing my heart-felt thanks and gratitude for the sterling care given to [my wife].
S. Kapoor
On behalf of my family, we would like to say “thank you” for the exceptional care and support [Spencer House] gave our Mom. You are unsung heroes!... I want you all to know that your efforts and care did not go unnoticed by our family. We could no longer care for Mom ourselves and it was difficult to leave her in “a home” but we always knew she was well cared for and treated with compassion and concern.
Fitter Family
I [don’t] know how to put into words how grateful I am for the care you’ve given my Mum this last year… You treated her respectfully, kindly, and always with a smile… [taking] the time to joke with her, which made her feel special and like her old self. I can’t say enough about the leisure team; you are the fairy dust that brings joy to the residents. My Mum always swore she couldn’t live with anyone else, but she always told me how wonderful Victoria Manor was, that’s because of all of you. I always thought I was the only one who could take proper care of my Mum, I was wrong.
Ms. Mills
I wanted to thank you for looking after my mom [at Hawthorn Woods Care Community] while we were away. You will never know how much it meant to us. You didn't have to extend yourselves the way you did, yet you did. Mom isn't used to being by herself… with your support she was able to see that she is a lot stronger than she thinks… Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I am forever grateful and blessed that we have caring people such as yourselves in our lives.
Ms. Madarang-Cesario
I want to express my gratitude to Hawthorn Woods staff for caring for me.
Grace Nganga
Audrey graduated from the Madonna Academy one month short of her 98th birthday. [Madonna Care Community] had been her home for eight long and short years… There is no doubt in our mind that it was the right place to be at the right time. Audrey arrived there after a previous 10-year odyssey involving different stages of living while aging in several communities and even more facilities. Madonna was the best of them all… One constant we had found was the genuine compassion that the staff throughout the facility exhibited towards Audrey and the other [residents]... Our family would like to thank every single member of Madonna for their direct and indirect contributions to Audrey’s time on your station platform. You are Pros. We shall never forget.
Bravo Zulu
We want to thank [Hawthorn Woods Care Community] so much for all that you did to make Dad's 100th birthday party such a special event! You did an amazing job with the invitations, decorating, mobilizing the team and ensuring the residents and staff my dad cared about were present! The food was amazing, and thanks so much for helping to serve the food I prepared! My dad's family were very impressed! Thanks for helping make a great memory for us, a true example of Resident and family- centred care!
Margaret and Linda
It is difficult to express how greatly my entire family appreciated everything you did for mom and us… I am so grateful to have gotten mom a place at Bradford Valley, I can’t imagine getting better care anywhere else. My family all felt how much love you all put into your work. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Ms. Beatty
Many thanks to the staff of Bradford Valley Care Community for the excellent care administered to my parents. The staff have been exceptional, always notifying me of any changes... We could not have chosen a better long-term care home, and I will be eternally grateful for the peace of mind I experienced after each visit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ms. Armstrong
I feel blessed to have found Victoria Manor. From my first encounter with the friendly, knowledgeable Nancy in reception, who guided me on a tour, and understood how emotionally difficult it is to face the placing of a loved one in a LTC care home… The nurses and wonderful PSWs were always kind and professional and communicative with me, giving Larry the best of care. It means so much to know that when you leave your loved one after a visit they are in capable and loving care. I witnessed many times in the dining room the respect and kindness shown to the residents... The PSWs at Victoria Manor are truly very special souls to be working with those affected with Alzheimer’s. Bless them! I realize this is rather long; however, when I hear comments and complaints regarding long-term care homes I feel it is imperative to express my heartfelt appreciation for my experience.
Mrs. Robbins
A big thank you for all the tender-loving-care our mother received for the last 11 years at [Waters Edge Care Community]. We will never forget: The staff person who would shuffle her around in her wheelchair just like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and laugh with her; the care-givers who took an extra moment of time to talk and try to encourage her to eat; those who always put on her big fuzzy socks at bedtime; and those that treated her like the wonderful Mom she was — many expressing their love to her… The kindnesses shown to Mom and her family is what we will remember.
Ron, Sheryl, and our families
After nearly a year at Deerwood Creek, I can only say how fortunate I feel with the decision made for my Mother. The tremendous energy put into the environment constantly amazes me. The Christmas displays topped the whole year! Your calendars and newsletters keep us informed. The social activities are so well thought out... Just wanted to say thank you and let you know I greatly appreciate the staff and happenings at Deerwood.
Ms. Petropoulos
The care and comfort my parents received from the staff went beyond my highest expectations. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the staff for the care and comfort they gave my parents. They did so tenderly, and always with a smile and sincere devotion to the needs of my parents… I want to thank, with all my heart, everyone at Silverthorn Care Community for being so dedicated, caring, and devoted to the needs of my parents and all seniors in their care.
The Wilkinson Family
Just wanted to thank you for your warm welcome [and for] making and helping mom adjust to her new home. Enjoyed meeting some of the new residents and chatting with some of your caregivers. We feel very comfortable with mom being looked after at the level of care she has been accustom with, and know she will be taken care of at Silverthorn.
We want to express our thanks to the entire staff for the wonderful care and attention given to [our father] and our family. We appreciated the great care the staff took to see that our father lived his life to the fullest, in a very caring, respectful, safe and happy environment. We had great peace of mind. You are all to be commended.
Rocco and Anna
To the management and staff of Maple Grove Care Community, thank you very much for the care, understanding, and compassion you gave to my mother and to our family.
Just a note to express our appreciation for the great care you all took to see that our Mother lived her life to the fullest, in a very caring, respectful, stimulating, safe and happy environment. You are all to be commended. We had great peace of mind.
Ms. Soliguin
Words can’t express our deep appreciation for all your support and special care of our dear mother. For the past nine years she called this place her home. She enjoyed the music programs, bingo, and most of all the outdoor garden.
Barbara and Marilynne
You are the true heroes - guiding and comforting people... Your care of my father was nothing short of stellar during his many years with you, and any words of thanks and appreciation could never be sufficient.
Wendy Boyd
[Mother] was able to live out the remaining years of her life in comfort and security, being cared for the way we cared for her before she arrived at Silverthorn. It is that peace of mind, when we could not be there, that only a few rare organizations offer, and that truly touched our family in a way that words cannot describe… We see that Silverthorn is so much more than just bricks and mortar... it is wonderful people with big hearts, who truly care about, and for, their patients.
The Sepa Family
The kindness and compassion that you all showed my dad will never be forgotten and should be commended. You truly made his home feel like home... I am forever grateful for him having been so lucky to have met each of you. Continue to just do what you do because you all do it well!
Michelle G.
Thank you for providing such wonderful care to our Mother. We noticed that the entire staff loved and cared for her like their own mother, aunt, grandmother or sister. We are forever indebted to your kindness.
The Chopra Family
I cannot get over the absolute hard work and dedication that I see each time I visit my Aunt. Most of my life I have believed that a life well spent is one that matters most to the human condition. Most of the good hearted staff here will leave their footprints, and that is pretty special.
Mr. Gervais 
I would like to thank each and every one who made Mom's stay at Sienna as comfortable as possible. To all the nurses that sang with her on a regular basis and were patient on her trying days. To the recreation and leisure staff for the tea parties and Sunday services, which Mom always enjoyed… The care and compassion shown at Sienna will always be remembered.
Ms. Mulligan 
I have noticed how you treat all the residents with respect and care. Your attitude and commitment reassures me every time I visit that we made the right choice for Mom.
Mr. Klementt
My Mother loved Sienna, and considered it her home. You have made the last ten years of her life most pleasurable. What a relief for me to see her so happy. I know in my heart that caring people surrounded my Mother, and for that I thank you sincerely. I will always hold your friendship close to my heart.
Mrs. Mahon
I have been coming as a visitor almost every day to see my Mother, and can honestly say that everyone is so caring of the residents. You run such a clean home for the residents and staff. I have seen the extra care given to those who don't have regular visitors, and the comforts they deserve. It takes very special people like your staff to give this kind of care.
The Dewasha Family
I have to say that the level of care at Sienna Senior Living is second to none. It appears as though you have selected each and every member of your team with extreme care. One cannot help but notice that the residents are all treated with respect, sensitivity, love and kindness. It doesn't matter what time of day or evening I visit my Dad, the same caring atmosphere continues to exist.
R. A. Archibald 
I have nothing but praise for all of your staff for the caring, respect and dignity shown to the residents. I saw patience for family members and the residents. Every day I went to the kitchen for a coffee for my Dad and me, and even while busy preparing meals, the staff were always cheerfully accommodating. I only saw kindness and tenderness at Sienna.
Ms. Kennedy
My family wishes to extend to you and all your staff our profound gratitude and thanks for the compassionate, dedicated and kind care provided to our Mother. My sisters and I always experienced friendly and cheerful cooperation from your staff. Your caregiving is excellent, and stands at 110% plus! We will never forget any of you. You should all be complimented for operating a true “care giving” facility.
Mr. Landry
Your special care expressed to my Mom will be forever appreciated. You treated her like royalty— much deserved after all her years. We all appreciated how much you did.
M. Byers
I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you for taking care of Dad during this phase of his life. The transition to the later stages of his dementia was very hard on him, and without the help of your network of caregivers, we would never have made it through this. You all do important work that must often be challenging, even frustrating. But you are part of a very special network that is a godsend to families who are giving care, and to a family member in the end stage of life.
Mrs. McGeean
I want to thank everyone for the fantastic care given to (our) Mother over the past years when Sienna was her home. We very much appreciated the staff's caring and loving way. She could not have been in better hands.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin
I sincerely send my thanks and appreciation for the superior care, kindness and respect which you all showed and gave to my Mother during her short stay with you. The work you are doing is special, and I'm sure many others respect and are grateful for you all.
J. Watson
I can't begin to tell you in words how much I appreciated the care you gave my Mom. I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.
Mr. Simard
We want to express our thanks for the wonderful care our dear Mom received during the 2 years she was a resident. We appreciated the friendly atmosphere from the front office staff, housekeeping, maintenance, catering and activity staff. We were in to visit almost daily, and always found everyone so helpful and upbeat. We especially want to commend the nursing staff. Their care for Mom was wonderful, and without exception, each of them treated her with love and respect. What a team you have!!!
Mrs. Willoughby
Your home is certainly one of the best in the world. The kindness of your nursing staff, caregivers, volunteers, reception and office staff has been the best. I can't thank you enough for all you did for us.
Ms. Gould
We would like to thank you all for the care and attention given to our Mother. It meant a lot to us knowing she was in good hands. Thank you again for all your help.
Shirley, Bruce and Joan
My Mother was thrilled to receive the engraved silver picture frame. Wow! It is beautiful! It is a keepsake that will be treasured. We also appreciated very much the certificates from the Queen, Prime Minister, Governor General, and Premier recognizing her 101st birthday. I wish you could have seen the smile on her face when she saw greetings from the Queen. Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Dietrich
Your staff is amazing! True professionals with a caring, kind, compassionate attitude toward residents and their families. The staff who have cared for my Mother’s needs and health during the past 5 ½ years are truly fantastic. The care she has received has been wonderful.
Ms. Ermellini & Family
Thank you for the outstanding care and consideration you gave our Mother during her brief stay with you. Our expectations were far exceeded by an outstanding circle of care and the kindness and love shown to her and to us by your staff. Words cannot express our thoughts. You have been a great part of making our Christmas a wonderful celebration of my Mother's life.
The Ostrander Family
Some employees are only noticed when they leave or there are letters of complaint. That’s why I would like to commend your staff, for the fantastic job they have been doing taking care of my Mother-in-Law.
Mrs. Meena
At one of the most difficult times in our lives, we took comfort in knowing our loved one was receiving such good care. We appreciated being notified of any issues, changes in medication or his overall condition. It was comforting to know he was involved in so many different activities to make his days as varied and enjoyable as possible.
Chard & Burling Family
Our Father needed total vigilance, and Sienna took on that responsibility giving us the peace of mind we so desperately needed. The specialized care we experienced came from all the nurses, PSWs, physiotherapists, and the head physician. We will miss our daily visits to Sienna that had become not only our Dad’s home, but ours.
The Barwin Family
My Grandad was used to being independent and was therefore stubborn. Near the end he required a lot of help… They spoke closely into his ear explaining the care they were about to provide, even when he was unconscious. Someone even placed a little stereo in the room with peaceful music playing during his final days. It takes a very special person to do such a job. It takes strength to show consistent compassion and patience over extended periods of time. It takes a stronger person yet to avoid compassion fatigue. I want [the staff] to know that the roles they played in my Grandad's life was very much admired and appreciated… Thank you for all of the comfort you provided, and are continuing to provide to current residents. My Grandad was lucky to have you.
Emily P.  

Her son wanted the staff to get his mother up into her chair so he could take her outside… It was a beautiful day outside and the warm sun might give her a quality moment. I know this was no easy task for the staff, who once again stood proud in their role and accommodated with pride and compassion. They handled this situation in a professional manner and I am sure it was not an easy position to be put in… His mother has had a great stay with you, and undeniably it has given her more time on this great planet… Although she hasn’t been easy to care for at times, the staff have always tended to her needs. They have proven time and time again that her wellbeing is their priority and they can be trusted with it.
Fereda P.  

We feel so fortunate that Mom is being cared for at Silverthorn Care Community. My mother loves her room, which has a big window, with curtains, that is bright and sunny in the morning and gives a nice view of the trees and chirping birds… The staff’s response to several incidents has been immediate and compassionate.
I have nothing but good memories of how everyone worked together as a team, how much they care and how dedicated they all are to the residents of the Home. I saw this work ethic day after day for the short time that my Father was a resident. I observed, first hand, the dedication, kindness, and compassion that you all demonstrated… To the actual staff that takes care of the residents, I have nothing but praise, admiration, and appreciation for all that you do for the residents and their families… I cannot express to you clearly enough how very much you all made such a ‘bad’ situation so much better... I will always remember mine and my father’s time there and how you made me feel that I never had to worry about him. I always knew that he was so very well taken care of.
The Rushton Family  

I was overwhelmed by how helpful, accommodating and kind your team was at Muskoka Shores… From the receptionist who welcomed us in each day, to the head nurse who gave us advice on how to manage medication and comfort for the day trip, to the other support staff who helped with preparation and followed up after the trip… Not only does my mother-in-law seem happy given her circumstances, the extended family is also much less stressed knowing that she is in good hands.
Kevin G.  

From day 1 of her residency, our loved one was treated with respect and was well cared for by all the staff with whom she was in contact… It was not always easy to deal with our mom’s mood swings, but the front-line staff exercised incredible patience with her. It made out life so much easier knowing that when we were not visiting, she was in capable, caring hands
The Ramalho Family  

Mother would not be as well as she is were it not for the caring, compassionate staff at Granite Ridge.
The Richardson Family  

Thank you so very much for supporting today’s outing to the therapy pool.  I can’t remember the day when I last saw my husband so happy… The smile lasted the entire day accompanied by much laughter.  Even more encouraging was the fact that although his language is at most times almost non-existent, he became quite communicative.  At times he startled me with the somewhat rather lengthy statements that he constructed.
The Wood Family  

We so appreciate all the assistance given to us as we face this journey with Mum and her dementia.  Creedan Valley has a family atmosphere… Staff and directors are always approachable and ready to answer questions or address concerns. Thank you for all you have done.
The Reuter and Topping Family  

Sienna took a great weight off my mind and I could enjoy my time with Rob without undue worry and anxiety, knowing he was well cared for in the last years of his life.  Thank you for making mine and Rob's last two years together less stressful and much happier.

Thank you for the abundant kindness, care and concern you provided [our family member]. He was very lucky to be so well looked after by everyone.
The Gomez Family  

The name Bradford Valley Care Community says it all… ‘Care’-‘Community’… You should all give yourselves a ‘pat on the back’ for your teamwork and for the care you give to those who reside at Bradford Valley.
Tracy O.  


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