"I wanted to thank all the staff who have welcomed, cared for and assisted [my mother and father-in-law] since [they moved in]… They really went over and beyond the call of duty… My entire family would so like to express their gratitude [for] our very enjoyable and memorable Christmas Eve dinner in the private dining room… Our dinner was delicious and served with a smile. Keep up the great work everyone! Your compassion and care in customer service at Villa Da Vinci is evident from the reception desk, to the entertainment, nursing, and dining room.”

– Diane N., Villa Da Vinci Retirement Residence

“For 22 years I have hosted the Alzheimer’s Coffee Break Bridge Tournament Fundraiser. This year in October we had 72 ladies… attend Quinte Gardens and we raised $2,600 in donations towards Alzheimer’s research… My age makes running an event like this a challenge, because I want it to be perfect. When Quinte Gardens offered to stepped up to help organize, prepared the meal, and serve I was so incredibly happy… It is an honour to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research and live in a retirement residence that supports the passions of their residents… I am a senior and still wanting to be a contributor to what I strongly believe in, and Quinte Gardens is a huge support of this!”

– Gladys E, Quinte Gardens Retirement Residence

“We toured 4 locations in Belleville and it was an easy decision to pick Quinte Gardens... The atmosphere was lively and upbeat... The activities were almost more numerous and varied than the other 3 locations combined! Having a nurse on site 24 hours a day was a key factor as well… Our contact with all of the staff was positive. We found them to be caring and considerate without exception. Many were quick to learn her name and acknowledged her every time they saw her. Mom was greeted by another resident who took her to many of the activities and introduced her to the other residents which helped her feel at home in just a few days. The food, always important to a senior, was delicious, fresh, and well prepared. The menu had enough choices to satisfy her and was varied.”

– Jim Newitt, Quinte Gardens Retirement Residence

“To say I am happy living here just doesn’t do the statement justice. My family is grateful for my home and safety. The peace of mind they have knowing I am happy and living among friends is priceless. One of my many daily highlights is my dining mates. One which I have been with since the first day I moved in [8 years ago]. The laughs we share and camaraderie at each meal is so important to connect with others.”

– Gladys E, Quinte Gardens Retirement Residence

“I have had the pleasure of being Quinte Gardens’ in-house salon for 10 years... Quinte Gardens is, for me and many residents here, our extended family! [There’s] a lively atmosphere of entertainment and dance, expressions of art with wine and paint night. Residents can enjoy the quieter locations throughout the building, like the library, which has hundreds of books for people to borrow and return at their own leisure… The feeling of inclusivity is incredible here. The welcoming, warm feeling for new residents and their loved ones is what we all pride ourselves on. I would not hesitate for a moment to bring one of my loved ones to live at Quinte Gardens, the amenity spaces are incredible and services second to none… The staff understand and respect that we work in their home, they don’t live in our work place.”

– Linda F, Quinte Gardens Retirement Residence

“I can't say enough good things about Island Park [Retirement Residence]. In the beginning of December my nana (age 92) moved in; she is noticeably healthier in body and mind. She has friends, excellent food to eat, activities galore. It's amazing! The staff are incredible. It's like a dream.”

– Gillian L., Island Park Retirement Residence

Mom is loving her new home. Thank you to all of the lovely staff… for really being kind and helping Mom and giving her the confidence to partake in activities and groups. Mom always tells us all how they are so nice and they are the best at their jobs… I'm sure all of the seniors at Astoria feel the same way — this is what makes living here so special.

– Barb R., Astoria Retirement Residence

“Waterford Barrie is a joyful place and the care provided is of superior quality across the board. [Both our mothers currently live here and] require a variety of different care options and assisted living supports. The attraction of the Waterford goes way beyond the beautiful facility and amenities - the staff are visibly engaged in every element of resident care and comfort. We are sincerely appreciative!”

– Scott B., Waterford Barrie Retirement Residence

“The Waterford staff are helpful, friendly and personable. Was very impressed with the activity programs offered and even more with the amenities, such as the library, entertainment area, and movie cinema. [Waterford Barrie Retirement Residence is a] wonderful retirement community.”

– Bob B., Waterford Barrie Retirement Residence

“The facilities and staff are hallmarks of excellence. They very much engage with the residents and endeavour to make their stay warm and comfortable [at Martindale Gardens Retirement Residence].”

– Peter B. M., Martindale Gardens Retirement Residence
“Congratulations [to] Cherry Park… for a most outstanding and marvellous buffet. There were 14 items on the menu; everything one could desire from "as you like it" omelettes to succulent roast beef and cold salads. Pecan pie and other colourful dainties for dessert. A very successful buffet…” – Ethel S. (Excerpt originally published in the Opinion/Business section of the Penticton Herald, Thurs., May 16, 2019), Cherry Park Retirement Residence

“Beautiful property with authentic, caring staff. Highly recommend!”

– Gladia B., Red Oak Retirement Residence

"I love living here because there's always wonderful people around to socialize with, [and] I enjoy that this is a pet-friendly building. The food is fabulous; the portion sizes are perfect and there is always a variety. The staff and residents were so welcoming when I arrived here, and that hasn't changed in the slightest; it's just a wonderful place to be."

– Judy H., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"I love that there is always something going on, such as entertainment and lectures to keep us busy, and we're always well informed."

– Anonymous, Royale Place Retirement Residence

"The staff are always so friendly and everyone works hard to make our living here enjoyable."

– Gene R., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"I love the atmosphere here, everyone is always so cheerful."

– Catherine C., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"When you move into a retirement home with a partner… It's a new way of living, but I love it!"

– Igna W., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"The staff go the extra mile for us here. The food is always wonderful and everyone is continually friendly and helpful."

– Norman C., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"The best part is the food, I'm never disappointed. There's always staff to help me when I need it and everyone works hard to keep the place looking wonderful. Everything is just great!"

– Flo L., Royale Place Retirement Residence

"The food is good and there's always something to do to keep busy around the building, between the pool, the library and the games. I also love that when we need to leave to get to appointments and shopping, we have a bus with a great driver to get us there."

– Louise G., Royale Place Retirement Residence