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Retirement Homes, Long Term Care & Home Care by Sienna Senior Living


Sienna Senior Living offers you a range of senior living and care options across Ontario and British Columbia.
Our services include home care assistance, long term care facilities, retirement communities and more.

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Retirement Homes

You want independence with peace of mind

You’re looking for a place where the food is good, the people are welcoming, and there’s lots to do – all with 24/7 on-call support. A range of retirement home options can be tailored to different budgets, needs, and preferences.


  •  Determine your needs and preferences

  •  Find and tour different retirement residences

  •  Ask about programs and services to make sure they suit your lifestyle

  •  Learn more

At Home Care

You want services delivered in your own home

It’s a relief to get a visit from someone you can talk to, who helps you with the things you can’t manage yourself. In Ontario, Community Care Access Centers arrange funding for home health care, or you can access private-pay home care services directly.


  •  Understand your needs

  •  Determine your options call us or contact your local Community Care Access Centre for funded options

  •  Explore additional services with the provider of your choice

  •  Learn more

Long Term Care

You want access to dedicated nursing care and support 24/7

The people who work at our nursing homes can make all the difference. We’re here to help you be your best. In Ontario, you can apply for long term care or palliative care by contacting your local Community Care Access Centre.


  •  Understand what you need

  •  Engage your local Community Care Access Centre

  •  Find and tour long term care communities

  •  Learn more

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